Tequila Sunrise


60 ml Tequila

1 tspn Clarks Carob Fruit Syrup

75 ml Orange Juice

75 ml Fresh Kale Juice

15 ml Grenadine

Glass of Ice Cubes


  1. Prepare in Advance – Blend baby kale with a little water in a blender and strain

  2. Fill up Glass with ice and add Tequila and Carob Syrup.

  3. Add the Orange Juice and stir thoroughly. Then top with Kale Juice.

  4. Pour the Grenadine straight down the middle of the glass that it settles at the bottom and appears like a sunrise. Ideally some clear colour layers blending from red, orange, yellow to green hues.

  5. Garnish with a slice of Orange and Red Chilli Ring on the rim.